Dec 2016

01/01/2017 Thought for the week

Thought for the Week
“Change hurts, but staying the same can hurt even more.”
-- Dave Ramsey

01/01/2017 Announcements

Thank you for joining us as we worship God this morning. Our goal is that you will discover the love, acceptance, and forgiveness of
both Jesus and His Body, the Church.

On behalf of Susan and I (and our excellent family) I want to
express our prayerful desire that this will be a joy-filled and Chrispt-honoring New Year for all of us. We do look forward to what God is going to continue working through us in 2017. We love you all.” -- Pastor

Still collecting old pairs of glasses for
Vista Missions. Box is on the table in the foyer. Or for more information talk to Susan I.

The New Year
When a new year comes we need not fear;
Our Heavenly Father is always here.
We prepare our hearts for what’s ahead,
Whether what we’ve planned or what comes instead.
We look at the past, see what’s been done
And what has only just begun.
We seek His guidance and wisdom too.
We’ll need them both to see us through.
God’s plans for us are full of surprises,
Also guesses and surmises.
We cannot know all He has planned,
The gifts that will come from His hand,
But we know that this life will be
Preparation for eternity.
Jesus, you came to show us the way,
To prepare us for that wonderful day
When we shall see the Father’s face,
Full of glory and loving grace.

2016 General Funds Budget………………………………..…….…11,042.99
Total Funds for December, 2016…………………… …..…………10.592.76
Missions news for January on the back